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Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee explains how we encourage and welcome input from our fellow DJs

Mastermix has always prided itself on being a service run by DJs for DJs. The interaction we have with our members is unsurpassed and when we launched a new mix feature called The DJ Set, that asked for even more DJ input, we were literally swamped with suggestions.

The DJ Set

Each month we create a mix that is included on our monthly Issue, from a selection of tracks submitted by a DJ who uses the Mastermix service on a regular basis.

We invite fellow DJs to select 5 or 6 tracks that they would play to their audiences and if we like the listing, and we can make the suggestions work, then we create the mix in our studios and it is included on that month’s Issue. As an added bonus we also include the DJ’s name on the sleeve credits alongside the regular Mastermix Producers and send out a free physical copy of that Issue to the chosen DJ to show-off to their family & friends…not to mention other DJs!

What Are We Looking For?

Since we set up The DJ Set feature we have covered a wide-range of music styles including Rock, Motown, Dance, Urban, Rap, 70s, Pop, Soul, Latin, 80s, Party & more and we always look forward to searching through the many submissions we receive each month to select the next listing to create the next mix from…maybe it could be your mix we create?

How to Contribute

If you fancy joining the Mastermix team on a future Issue then head over to the Mastermix website and submit your tracklisting.