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Mastermix DJ Jules Little reviews the latest addition to the Mastermix catalogue

In the 80s there was Mastermind, general knowledge questions preceded by contestants being quizzed about their specialist subject. So forget Mastermind, it’s Mastermix, and this is ‘The 100 Collection – 80s‘, my specialist subject.

The 80s are always seen as “the decade that fashion forgot”, if you saw me during the 80s, I was a fashion victim of the highest order, it’s hard to argue against this statement. However, when it comes to music, for me this was absolutely the best decade with the widest range of styles and technologies available, it’s hard to squeeze this into just 100 tracks! So here goes…..

Firstly, let’s start (as Julie Andrews once sang) at the very beginning…

Why The 100 Collection?

Whilst for me the 80s stands at the forefront of what I do when I play gigs, for some new DJs this is the music of their parents, and wouldn’t have too much of an idea about what music to play at an 80s night. I would struggle to do this with a Soul & Motown night. This is where The 100 Collection comes into its own. 100 tracks (as the name would suggest) that are not only remastered, but also organised into three sections that will help you organise your night into a journey. As you will see throughout our blogs regarding specialist music nights, we all share one mantra – ‘preparation is everything’, the 100 Collections will make this easier for you to step out of your comfort zone and remain equally professional.

A theme night, as with any other night, is a journey, though here the added part is that every track evokes a memory. Music transcends time, hear a song from your teenage years, you’re instantly back there (hopefully without the acne!). Especially true of 80s nights is the fancy dress, it adds a real fun atmosphere and as a DJ, you know who is really up for the party.

The 100 Collections are all split into 3 definite sections to aid you delivering your journey to your guests.

Warm Up Tracks

These are all tracks that are generally lower tempo, yet are all well known foot-tappers that are instantly recognisable, and really set the mood for the night. As a DJ, you are setting your standard at the beginning of the night, so whilst some may not see the importance of this part of the night, for me, this is key. Displaying a knowledge & understanding of the night that you want to deliver to people that may well have lived this as teenagers at the time can really get the crowd onside with you. 15 tracks have been selected to help you with this, and hopefully encourage the more eager to start dancing.

Main Party Set

So by now, you have your first people gracing the dancefloor, it’s time to turn up the party atmosphere. The main party set, where we have selected 75 tracks that are tried and tested dancefloor favourites. These are all tracks that have stood the test of time and cover everything from rock through to electronica and all points in between. Uptempo tracks with big singalong choruses, this list could have doubled easily, but having these all in one place saves you worrying about what you should play next and allows you to concentrate on the party and interaction with your guests.

End Of Night

Finally as you approach last orders, you might want to think about starting to bringing your crowd down slowly, so The 100 Collection contains 10 tracks that will keep a great singalong atmosphere, but also back in the day could quite have easily been included in any ‘smooch section’ at the end of the night! But if you opt against the slow dance at the end, there are some great singalong classics included also like Starship, Tina Turner, or Frank Sinatra (yes, this was re-released in the 80s).

Mastermix 100 Collection – The 80s  – This collection saves you skipping through endless NOW albums at puts all of the big hitters in one place in high quality 320Kbps format, saving room & fragmentation on your hard drive or space in your CD box.

The 100 Collection: The 80s

Features a Warm Up, Main Party & End Of Night section that includes the right balance of songs for the perfect night with additional Top Up set options to further increase your music library.

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