10 Mobile DJ 80s Floorfillers

Do you need a burst of inspiration for a few 80s floorfillers to drop into tonight’s set? Here’s some suggestions from Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee Wham! – I’m Your Man This 1985 UK number one is a guaranteed floorfiller. It’s a brilliant pop track that appeals to everyone! An almost perfect pop track from start

Top Ten Mobile DJ 90s Dance Floorfillers

Mastermix DJ Dave Evans takes us on a trip down memory lane into the world of 90s Dance… Ah. The 90’s, The end of the Soviet Bloc, Dolly the sheep, New Labour rising to power, heartbreak at Euro 96 (Football’s still coming home, it’s just taking the long way round), Trainspotting and much much more.

The Christmas Party Set List

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee takes a look at Christmas Parties past and present! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you are The Grinch there can’t be many who don’t look forward to Christmas. As a father of 2 young sons, who are at that age where the magic of Christmas is

Music Programming: Soul & Motown Theme Night

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee on how to structure a Soul and Motown theme night Theme nights are one of my favourite type of events as most guests attending are there for that style of music and will go with almost everything you play. As well as the guaranteed ‘bankers’ that you will inevitably play, a

The First Dance

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee takes a look at the evolution of the First Dance When it comes to the ‘First Dance’ things have evolved from when I first started DJing in 1986. Back then it was a given that the first dance at a wedding would be a classic love song that was popular

10 Great End Of Night Songs

Mastermix Label Manager Richard Lee gives us an overview of just a few of the songs he’s used to end his events on a high! Take That – Greatest Day: A favourite for many wedding events and still a big end of night tune. Brilliantly written & performed it is worthy of its place in the chart.