DJ at decks with neon lights

Mastermix is the leading supplier of DJ only music providing exclusive music content to professional DJs throughout Europe.

The service began in 1986 with the monthly Issue, a double album featuring exclusive mixes & remixes for DJs to use as part of their sets.

In 1989 Mastermix had worldwide chart success under the guise of Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers achieving 3 UK number ones and a number 2 albums plus numerous other UK chart hits. Jive Bunny sold over 10 million units worldwide and cemented a place in music history forever!

As the Mastermix service grew, so did the range of titles. The monthly Issue was quickly joined by Grandmasters, Classic Cuts, Number Ones, TV Themes and more. DJs are also able to keep their music collection right up to date by subscribing to the monthly Pro Disc release of new and forthcoming singles.

Over the last few years the range has grown even further with the inclusion of new and innovative ranges including DJ Beats, DJ Edits, Mashed Up and The 100 Collection, whilst offering a vast archive of tracks, mixes and DJ utilities spanning all decades and musical genres.

Mastermix is the ultimate DJ only music service and is now used by 1000’s of DJs around the world!

Mastermix is 100% legal and fully licensed by MCPS & PPL.